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Books by Sania Khiljee

Layla, a brown girl, becomes self-conscious of playing in the sun after hearing another child make a comment about her dark skin color. Layla's mother then takes her daughter on a journey of self-love. This book is a perfect gift for children to teach diversity.

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My Favorite Subscription Boxes

Lovevery for Kids

I've used this with Lily since she was born, and I've never needed anything else in terms of toys/educational tools. Comes with high-quality learning toys, activity guides, and more and is ideal for children 0-3 years old

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Date Night In for Couples

This is a subscription box that Naush & I have been subscribed to for years and every month, a "date night" is shipped to us that we're able to do once Lily goes to bed. Some of our favorites have been baking challenges, game nights, dance classes, painting, mysteries, and more...

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